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Thanks for all of your help in making a registration form functional on our website. After receiving a few online enrollments (and practicing one myself), we are not sure how we functioned this long without it. I spent a bunch of time yesterday adding registration buttons to all of our course pages and it could not have gone smoother, thanks to the videos you uploaded. You really did make the process idiot proof - and I felt pretty great being able to make it all happen in a fairly smooth, efficient process.Katie
KatieLongleaf Wilderness Medicine

Thank you AllerGale Design for taking our vision and making it into a logo that we absolutely love!  You took the time to really listen to us and it shows in the work that you have done.  We are so happy that we chose your company and look forward to having you work on future projects.

Katie Smith
Katie SmithGeneral Specialties Manufacturing Inc.
You guys were so right!!! I haven't even put the bulk of my invitation postcards in the mail yet (that will be tomorrow). Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen! I have gotten SOOOO many compliments on the new updates - all thanks to you both. Hope to see you at the show!Megan Riffe, Sandpoint, Idaho
Megan Riffe, Sandpoint, IdahoMegan Riffe
Thank you Shawn and Sandy for the amazing work you do on behalf of the MTH Foundation. The website and print material that you have created gets rave reviews from our supporters. The exceptional turn around time is greatly appreciated as well. You guys rock!Dean Kyriakos, Alexandria, Virginia
Dean Kyriakos, Alexandria, VirginiaMTH Foundation


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